I would like to extend a BIG welcome to you for stopping by at Star Sapphire’s Fan Club!

This website is for fans of Singapore’s first Sci-Fi novel –  “Star Sapphire” authored by Ms Joan Hon (pseudonym : Han May). I’ve created this site to help readers who had lost their books over the years because of moving homes, going abroad for education and work, married or simply wanting another copy.

If, like me, you have scoured the universe for Joan’s novel, you have come to the right place!  Joan’s book  – “Star Sapphire” is a real gem (pun intended).  My search spanned more than 2 decades and was finally rewarded with an autographed copy. Elation!

Special thanks goes to Ms Hon Lan Nee; my ex-schoolmate, for locating the author on  Overseas Singaporean Portal.

According to some fans, this book is more precious than diamonds because “money cannot buy”. With diamonds, one can simply walk into any jewellery shop and fish a sparkling darling home, but with Star Sapphire, where do you look?

It will be a delight to hear how  “Star Sapphire”  touched you and why you still remember it till this day. Maybe you are one of those romantic gentlemen looking for this novel to surprise your Ms Right (A true story) or your wife? (Another true story – 3 cheers to Mr Issac of Singapore)

Some of you might remember that her first edition was published in 1985 by Times Book International. Yes! It was that long ago. And the book lives! The novel has since gone through several reprints and currently spots a new jacket.  Because I’m rather dinosaur in taste, I prefer the old book cover.  How about you?

Some of us have big dreams for this book. If you are into publishing, stage performances, movies and the like, I’m sure Joan will be happy to explore them with you.  Especially so if you are keen to translate her book into different languages. I hope to get the book done in braille one day. Wish me luck!

Besides archiving news, articles and commentaries on this enchanting book,  I’ve also sent up a “Photo Album” page for readers who owns a copy of Star Sapphire. It’s like “Fan’s Walk of Fame” because the book is difficult to come by.

Joan appreciates her readers writing to her . Quote :  “it makes my day after so many years”.  Go on and make her day, do write in soon!

(Latest update :  “Star Sapphire”  has evolved into a Trilogy! SS2 – the sequel is ready to be published and the pre-quel is now “Work in Progress”)




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